How to vacuum your car with a car vacuum cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaning

Ensure that the doors are wide open when you are vacuuming. Doing this creates more space for you to reach every part of the interior of your car. You will have an easy time to clean as you will only need to pull the car vacuum cleaner straight through instead of moving in circles trying to access every door. Also, opening the doors creates ventilation. This will allow musty and stale odours to clear out of the car.

Clear trash and other items first
Start your cleaning by clearing out disposable material that may be scattered in your car. It will make the whole vacuuming process faster as you won’t have anything slowing you down. Also, your vehicle will be neater after you are done with the cleaning.

To do this, grab a garbage bag so that you have somewhere to throw the trash that you find. Doing this also helps you to find appropriate places for some of the stuff you will not be needing for your car, or throw them away if you do not need them completely.

Remove the floor mats
Since they are on the floor, the floor mats are the first to get dirty. It will be easier to deal with them later. Remove these floor mats from the front and back seat and set them aside in a dry and clean area. Make sure that the mats are not attached to any hooks, snaps or eyelets that may be holding them in place. Remember to remove the trunk liners and other mats and covers in your car.

Use the attachment on your brush to clean the interior
Suction alone will not remove dirt particles out of your car’s interior. The bristles on your brush will stir up debris and dirt from the carpet so that it is sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. A circular brush head is great for a wider variety of spaces, although a wide brush will still do well.

Thoroughly vacuum the floorboards
To get the best results, ensure that you suction the carpet in every direction. Work from the console side to the outer edges of the seats. Make several passes until the floorboard is completely dirt free. Repeat this for the floorboards in the back seat. Ensure that you slide the seats as far back as they would go to create more room for cleaning. Focus on the areas where debris tends to collect like on the seat racks rails and below the pedals.

Go over the upholstery
Run the vacuum cleaner along the seats to clear out dirt, hair, and debris. Use the brush attachment to sweep the bristles into crevices and cracks and let the vacuum suction do the rest. You should recline the seats all the way to expose more area for cleaning.

Clean the floor mats
Take the floor mats that you removed earlier and shake or bang them against a hard surface in order to loosen the mess that is stuck on it. Then vacuum the tops of these mats to fluff the fibers. Check twice to find out whether there is rock or debris stuck beneath the mat before returning them to your car.

Touch your dashboards and displays
Sometimes people neglect to clean these surfaces, but they often have a lot of dirt that needs cleaning. Use the brush to sweep this area and the vacuum suction to suck the dirt released. Use a damp rag to wipe the dirt that is stuck on the systems.

Do not forget the trunk
While doing your cleaning, open the trunk to find out how much dirt has accumulated there since you last did your cleaning. The trunk is one part people fail to look at, so you are more likely to find that it does not get cleaned often. Remove trash and other unwanted material, then clean the whole area well from top to bottom.

A vacuum cleaner becomes an essential addition to your car accessories when you enjoy being in a clean car. Besides, that dirt that your kids leave in the car when they are crunching on chips will attract some unnecessary attention to some unwanted pests. You will want to avoid this.

The best car vacuum cleaner will go all the way to ensuring that not only is your car clean, it also doesn’t reek of some unwanted odor. Doing so will make your car the best place to be when you are not inside the house, or when you are taking a long trip for a vacation. So, ensure that you follow the above hints on which car vacuum cleaner you would need for your car so that you remain a happy car owner.

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