Car Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

Best Car Vacuum Buyers Guide

Are you thinking of buying a car vacuum cleaner? If you are, then you are in the right place. Choosing a vacuum cleaner can be challenging. You want to choose a vacuum cleaner that will do the job right. But there are numerous of them out there!
So what makes a good vacuum cleaner?

There are several factors to consider when deciding on what vacuum cleaner you will want for your car. Essentially, a good vacuum cleaner will help you to meet your daily needs. Here are tips and hints that you should look through when searching for the best car vacuum cleaner for you.

Size and weight

When it comes to deciding on the best car vacuum cleaner for you, size and weight matter. A small and light vacuum car vacuum cleaner delivers as much service as needed. The design of such a vacuum cleaner makes it portable, making it easy to reach the corners and nooks in your car.

The appropriate weight for an ideal vacuum cleaner is about 5 pounds or fewer. Some corners may be hard to reach and for this, you may need an extra attachment like a long hose to stir up the dirt that is stuck in there, so that you can remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

Capacity it holds

When you clean your car’s interior with a car vacuum cleaner, the dirt, and debris that you remove with the vacuum cleaner collect to a dust canister. Different vacuum cleaners have different capacities for their dust canisters. The size of the canister for the best vacuum cleaner should be between 300 to 500 ml.

The size of this tank determines the capacity of the dirt this vacuum cleaner could hold, and the period you would use it before you start to think of emptying it. It is therefore important that the tank capacity be large enough to accommodate enough dirt but not too large that it becomes heavy to carry around.

Power for either corded or wireless battery pack car vacuum cleaners

Whether the vacuum cleaner corded or not corded, the machine with a higher power rating is efficient and will perform better than the one with a lower power rating. When making a comparison between different products following this aspect, you should focus on the wattage.

Check the margins and differences and ensure that the variation is reasonable so that the machine you choose is more efficient than the others. However, if the difference is small, performance is likely to be the same for all of the vacuums.

In the case of corded and the wireless car vacuum cleaners, I would generally recommend the non-corded one, provided it is either more efficient than, or as efficient as its counterpart. The reason being, you can maneuver with this machine more easily than the corded one.

Overall quality

The best car vacuum cleaner should be durable. When choosing one, ensure that the make is sturdy and the materials used and fitted to the machine fits properly. You want a machine that will serve you without breaking apart easily. And on the subject of breaking, a car vacuum cleaner that breaks down easily is no good. Take full advantage of the warranty to ensure that it doesn’t cost you more to own a vacuum cleaner.


There are different surfaces within your car, from the carpets to the display and infotainment system, to the seats. Some of these places have crevices and nooks, which make it hard to access areas with a lot of dirt. The best vacuum cleaner should come with attachments such as a hose, and others to help vacuum such areas.

You will need a crevice tool to vacuum inaccessible spaces, and the attachment brush to remove dirt in certain areas. Therefore pick a vacuum that makes you cleaning more efficient and effective, because of its additional accessories.


When shopping for a car vacuum cleaner, you must have had a budget for it. You need to list down the features of what vacuum you would want and compare their prices to the budget you had set for the machine.

You can start with 5 vacuum cleaners and then analyze them. Doing this will allow you to adjust the budget for the machine that will serve you better, instead of picking one that will waste your time and money eventually.

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